Wacky Pet Holiday


StPats- Violet, Brian & David

Time for another chuckle.

Baxterboo.com posted a clever article on their website called “If Pets Had Thumbs Day.” What could your pet do if it had thumbs? Here are a few suggestions:

1. Hitchhike
2. Drive
3. Open canned food
4. Open the refrigerator
5. Give a “thumbs up”
6. Self-groom
7. Thumb sucking
8. Play ball games without us
9. Text
10. Hog the remote
11. Thumb their noses at us
12. Play thumb wars
13. Take up knitting
14. Wear mittens
15. Social networking

For the full list—and for some cute pictures of pets!—go to the baxterboo website at baxterboo.com/fun/a.cfm/wacky-holiday-alert-if-pets-had-thumbs-day-march-3rd.