Tornadoes: Keeping Pets Safe


If you live in a part of the country where tornadoes strike, you can increase the chances that your pets will survive a storm by following a few simple steps.

1. Bring your pets inside. If it’s not safe for you outside, it’s not safe for them.
2. Keep emergency pet supplies in a tornado-proof room or cellar
(The supplies should be easy to find and transport, in case you need to evacuate.) At the very least, include these basics:
• An adequate supply of food, water, and treats
• Sanitation items such as a litter box and litter or puppy pads
• A crate to provide a secure place in which your pet can weather the storm
3. Make sure that your cat or dog is wearing a collar and identification that is up to date and visible at all times. Increase your chances of being reunited with a lost pet by having him or her microchipped.
4. Practice getting your pets into the tornado-safe area
• Do your best to train your dog to go to the area on command or to come to you on command even when there are distractions.
• Learn how to quickly and safely secure your pets.
• Find your pets’ favorite hiding places and learn how to safely remove your pets from them.
5. Make your tornado-safe area animal friendly
• Close off or eliminate unsafe nooks and crannies where frightened cats may try to hide.
• Move dangerous items such as tools or toxic products that have been stored in the area.
6. If you have to evacuate, take your pets and their emergency supplies with you
Even if you think you will only be gone for a few hours, take your pets. You have no way of knowing how long you’ll be kept out of the area, and you may not be able to go back for your pets.