Suncoast Humane Society


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The Suncoast Humane Society, located in Englewood, is an Open Admissions Animal Care Facility that services over 450 square miles in southwest Florida, including Charlotte County and portions of Sarasota and Lee Counties. They provide shelter for the communities’ homeless, abandoned, and abused animals, and their program and services help more than 38,000 animals and people each year.

Every day, they receive tiny, helpless animals who are too young or too sick and not ready for adoption. This is where their Foster Home Program comes in. Foster parents house and care for these precious animals until they can be returned to the animal care center and placed up for adoption.

Being a Foster Parent is hard work. Many of these animals are babies, having been separated from their mothers much too soon, and may need to be hand-fed. Other animals placed in foster care are ill and need to have medication administered regularly, but their team of foster parents feel it’s all worth it.

Do you have room in your home and a place in your heart for helpless animals? If you become a foster parent, the Humane Society will provide you with pet food, litter, veterinarian care and medicines. All you have to do is provide water, shelter and most of all, lots of love and attention.

If you are interested in becoming a Foster parent, please contact the Suncoast Humane Society at 941-474-7884 for more information or email