Pet Cemetery 2nd Anniversary


1-Tinky & Kitty

February marks two years since the opening of Venice Memorial Gardens Pet Cemetery, a 1.5 acre section of Venice Memorial Gardens set aside to accommodate deceased beloved pets.

As pet lovers ourselves, we realize just how heartbreaking it can be to lose a special furry friend, so we offer the same level of service for pets as we do for our humans, and at this moment, options for pets are unlimited. If a family wishes, our staff will be involved with the removal of their deceased pet and transportation to our facility. Our own staff will perform dignified pet cremations, deliver a pet’s cremated remains, or make pet burial arrangements with the same degree of care and service as for humans.

We have been asked whether a pet owner may be buried with his or her pet. If a pet owner requests that he or she be buried beside a pet, this is possible at our pet cemetery. The pet will be buried in the pet section, and the human’s grave will be beside the pet’s grave in the adjacent human section. The pet can be buried whole this way.

The pet cemetery offers in-ground burial options for cremated remains, and full-body burial options for pets. Just as we are presently doing for our human population, we offer celebrant services and full services if a family wishes.

We would be glad to show you around and answer all your questions about options available for pets, including a preneed discussion.