Holiday Safety Tips For Your Pets


During the holiday season, it’s wise to think about preventing accidents that could jeopardize our pets’ as well as humans’ safety. lists some important holiday safety tips for your dog:

1. 1000 House Fires Are Started By Pets Every Year, so be careful with those menorahs and holiday candles. Place them in a safe location, out of your pets’ reach.
2. Christmas Trees Are Full Of Hazards, so if you’re going to have a real tree, make sure it is well watered so tht the pine needles do not dry out and fall off because the sharp needles can puncture your pets’ internal organs if they are ingested. They are also poisonous. Also, make sure your tree is firmly grounded so your pet won’t knock it over.
3. Mistletoe And Holly Are Toxic, so opt for the artificial version. Real holly can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea and mistletoe can cause gastrointestinal upset and cardiovascular problems.
4. Keep Toxic Foods Out Of Reach Of Your Dog, so keep fido (and kitty) away from food tables and unattended plates to avoid problems.
5. Make Sure All Guests Know The Rules. Your guests should be aware that you have a dog, so emphasize pet safety rules ahead of time. Rules may include keeping doors shut so your pets don’t get out, not feeding pets table scraps, and supervising children around your pets. No one wants to spend the holidays in the emergency room!

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