Gizmoe’s Funeral and Headstone


Gizmoe Headstone

The first pet burial at Venice Memorial Gardens Pet Cemetery was in 2013 for Gizmoe, beloved pet of one of our funeral directors. Her burial was a celebration of life with a circus theme, complete with clowns, balloons, cotton candy, popcorn, and snow cones. It was held during the pet cemetery’s grand opening. The memorial service was a joyful sendoff for a well-loved pup. Eighty-four participants and sixteen dogs gathered under a pergola at Venice Memorial Gardens’ pet cemetery for the ceremony. Her casket rested on a circus wagon caisson pulled by a miniature white horse, and grief therapy dogs from the Florida Humane Society followed in the processional. Gizmoe’s dog bone-shaped casket spray was adorned with white flowers and topped with pink ribbons and sparkles.

She was buried in the upright marker section of the cemetery near a large tree. Her grave was lined with pink rose petals and sparkles, which were also sprinkled on top of her casket. Because the spaces were four across (A, B, C, and D), Gizmoe’s owner chose two spaces for her. As a pup, Gizmoe was antisocial, so her family thought she would she would appreciate the extra space. Gizmoe was buried centered between B and C facing backward, and no animal will be buried close to her.

Gizmoe’s funeral festivities were in severe contrast to times past when veterinarians were asked to simply dispose of bodies and families had nowhere to express their grief. Venice Memorial Gardens is open to any type ceremony families choose, and Gizmoe’s funeral and reminiscences of her were very cathartic. These days more and more people are finding solace in ceremonies dedicated to their recently deceased pets. Pets are family, and just as with human funerals, memorializing pets provides opportunity for grieving and closure.

Recently Gizmoe’s tombstone was delivered and placed at her grave. It’s a beautiful marker for a beloved pet. Stop by to visit her grave and see her marker. At VMG, ceremonies and markers for pets, as for humans, can be as simple or as ornate as the family wishes.