Don’t leave your pet in a hot car!



Spring is here. With temperatures rising, it’s time for a safety reminder. The ASPCA tells us that each year, thousands of beloved companions succumb to heatstroke and suffocation when left in parked cars. It happens most often when people make quick stops—the dry cleaners, the bank or the local deli. Be clear about this: It takes only minutes for your pet to face death—and it doesn’t have to be that hot out. On a 78-degree day, the temperature inside a parked car can reach 160 degrees, even with the windows cracked.

By simply taking the following actions, you can help save pets from dying in hot cars.

• If you see something, say something. If you see a dog alone in a vehicle, immediately call animal control or 911. Local law officials have the ability to enter the vehicle and rescue the pet. Do not leave until help has arrived.
• Try to find the car’s owner. If you are out and you see a dog locked in a car, tell the nearby store manager immediately. Don’t be shy.
• No matter how much your dog loves to go along when you run errands, don’t take a chance. Leave her home where she is safe!

For more information, visit the ASPCA’s Summer Safety Tips at: