Water is essential to pets as well as to humans. When your dog becomes ill, he may easily become dehydrated and lethargic. This is a serious health issue for your pup; it is essential that you keep Fido hydrated as you nurse him back to good health. The pawluxury blog offers some simple tips on how to care for a dehydrated sick dog to get him on the road to recovery:

1. Seek help of a certified vet. If your dog seems too ill or dehydrated, call your vet immediately for emergency assistance.

2. Hydrate! Place your dog on a strict water diet by hydrating your sick dog every 1/2 hour to an hour. Be persistent if pup is refusing to drink.

3. Electrolytes Needed! Make your dog a 50/50 mixture of Gatorade & water. Gatorade contains sugar and electrolytes that help your dog’s body hydrate better.

4. Hydrate with a dropper. You can use a store bought plastic dropper to administer fluid. If your dog cannot suck on the dropper, place the dropper in the corner of her mouth and push it in about 1/2 an inch, squeeze and release the fluid in the back of the throat. Hold your puppy’s head up for a second or two after each squirt to make sure he or she gets all of the fluid.

5. Chicken & Rice Diet. Stick to a very simple diet of rice that has been really saturated with chicken or beef broth. Regular food could cause your pup to develop diarrhea and become even more dehydrated.

6. Revisit the vet if health does not improve.

Here are some frozen treat ideas to keep your sick dog hydrated:

1. Ice is not only a nice cool, fun & delicious treat for your dog it is also a great way to hydrate your sick pup. So get out your ice trays!

2. If Fido is not a big fan of ice cubes, then you can substitute frozen chicken stock ice cubes in place of water.

3. Frozen banana slices

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